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About Arkatech

Arkatech offers tailor-made technology solutions that improve the efficiency, collaboration and competitiveness of your organization by effectively connecting different systems.


Integrating systems is critical for modern organizations seeking improved performance, competitive advantages and better decision making.

Example connections

ChannelEngine and Netsuite

This gives the opportunity to seamlessly manage sales channels and process orders. This can result in a centralized and automated process for order management, inventory management and shipping, increasing operational efficiency and reducing errors.

Google Tag Manager and Conversions Api

By integrating these two tools, conversion data can be sent directly from Google Tag Manager to Facebook’s Conversions API. This minimizes delays and data loss, resulting in more precise conversion attribution and better insight into the performance of your Facebook ad campaigns.

Lightspeed and Klaviyo

This provides the opportunity to develop and automate customer-focused marketing campaigns based on real-time store data. This integration makes it easy to sync customer information, purchase history and behavior in Lightspeed with Klaviyo.

It’s Perfect and Returnless

This integration allows customer data and returns information from “It’s perfect” to be transferred directly to the “Returnless” platform. This allows returns to be handled more efficiently, with less manual input and less chance of errors.

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Efficiency improvement

By integrating applications and processes within your organization, you can reduce duplication of work, data loss and inefficiency. This can increase overall productivity and task throughput.


Cost savings

More efficient processes often mean less human labor and resources are required. This can lead to long-term cost savings


Real-time insights

Integration can lead to a better overview of data from different sources. This enables you to make quick and well-considered decisions based on current information.


Customer satisfaction

Seamless integration can result in improved customer service and satisfaction. You can respond faster to customer requests and provide a better user experience.

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Building a connection starts with a needs analysis with our advisor. We identify the systems to be integrated, the data exchange and frequency. Based on this, we create an integration plan with appropriate technologies. We develop the integration with data transfers and tests. After successful testing, we implement the integration and provide ongoing support for monitoring and any questions you may have.


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